What are other sources like donations, other fees'?
Only cash donations. Donations in kind do (usually) not appear in the total income.
What is income originating from courses organised within the framework of continuing professional development'
There are no such limitations. Please keep in mind that if the programs lead to a degree, their students should be counted as degree seeking students.
What do you mean by courses organised within the framework of continuing professional development?
Continuing professional development (CPD) is defined as job-related continuing education and training in which people obtain knowledge and/or learn new skills for a current or a future job or to improve their opportunities for advancement and promotion. CPD activity is not part of the regular teaching activities supported through the institution’s general grants and tuition fees paid by students enrolled in degree programs. So it is mostly short fee-based training programmes of a vocational character and excludes the training of degree-seeking students in the institution's BA, MA courses.
How to deal with copy-righted products?
If they are in the hand of the university, and included in the ‘books’ then they should be included in the income.
How to deal with structural funds?
The U-Map team suggests that structural funds coming from the European Union should be included in international sources. If structural funds are granted via the national government, they should be included in national sources.
How to allocate incomes from European Research Councils?
The funds provided by the ERC are part of the income from Research Councils. Income from national and international research councils (like the funds from the French ANR, the NSF in the USA or the Dutch NWO) should go under that heading as well.
What does CPD mean?
CPD is the acronym of Continuing professional development. Income generated by this activity (fees for participation or special contracts) should be specified in the appropriate CPD revenue category.
The revenues that we receive from our students in services as printing, photocopies, etc. Are they considered?
The revenues received from students in return for services such as printing, photocopies, and other campus services are included in the item “Other activities – Income from other sources, like donations, fees paid for ancillary services, et cetera..”.
How to deal with different income sources of university hospitals?
All income and expenditures as a result of care & cure of patients are to be excluded from the operating statement of the academic hospital. This results in income and expenditures due to the teaching and research taking place in the hospital.
In other words, the academic hospital then is like any other faculty (department) in the university, receiving its income from national, regional and international sources. We are interested in income from regional, national and international sources of all faculties (departments) combined.
The main income sources of our university is a grant from the government, tuition from students, and university hospital. Could we include tuitions from students in regional/local sources?
All fees from domestic students are to be treated as income from national sources.

Fees from foreign students are part of the income from international sources.
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