How shall we deal with doctoral students being partly counted as staff and partly as students?
If some doctoral candidates are enrolled as student and some are on the payroll, please select the category 'both' in the questionnaire.
How to deal with staff of an academic hospital?
Staff on the payroll include any staff of an academic hospital affiliated to the institution as long as that staff performs tasks related to education and reserarch.
How to deal with temporary employees?
The question 'Are all staff on the payroll of the institution' relates to the 'average' staff member. In case the institution hires some of its staff from an employment agency the answer relates to its regular staff.
What do you mean by doctoral students counted as staff?
In the Netherlands, doctoral ’students’ are not enrolled as students but are employed by the university. Statistics show a separate staff category for them. So they are on the payroll of the university and therefore should be counted as staff. Student assistants are also on the payroll of the university but they are no doctoral students and are excluded as academic staff; see the glossary (

If doctoral students (or perhaps better: doctoral candidates) are enrolled as students they should not be counted as staff. If they are not enrolled and not on the payroll of institutions, they are not visible here (but they will be visible in the section graduates).
How to deal with staff members with a double nationality?
Staff members having a double nationality (the national one and another one), shall be counted as national staff members and not as foreign staff members.
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