Estonia specific

What is a region in Estonia?
As the NUTS2 definition for Estonia is not specific enough, we suggest the following:

For the question ‘new entrants from the region’ in the student section, we suggest that two regions are used: North and South. If your institution has campuses in both regions, you can indicate this and opt to use Estonia as one region. Please also indicate this in the comment box.

For the graduates section, a division in regions will be very difficult, as your institution will probably not have information about this. In this case, we suggest you fill in “NA” (Not Available), rather than using Estonia as one region as this would not be informative for your institutional U-Map profile.
How to deal with academic staff in fte?
We analysed the information on contracts of academic staff we received from EHIS. This dataset comprises a count of the contracts that existed on the reference date (10 November 2009). The bulk of the contracts (95%) refer to contracts that last for at least one year. That would imply that counting the number of contracts on the reference date and weighting the count by the size (workload) of the contract would give a adequate picture of the capacity in terms of academic staff.

We therefore recommend using this approach in completing the questions regarding fte academic staff.

What is the default reference year for U-Map in Estonia?
For Estonia we will use 2009 as the default reference year (calendar year 2009 and academic year 2009-2010).

Based on your feedback as well as on the discussion with our partners in other participating countries, the U-Map team has decided to change and update the default year for U-Map in the Lifelong learning project to 2009.
How to deal with research and knowledge transfer?
We looked into the ETIS classification and compared it to our definitions. We propose to use the conversiontable based on the ETIS classification. You can find this conversation table on the following webpage:

We propose to have all publications marked A in the category ‘peer reviewed academic publication’s and all publications marked B in ‘professional publications’. Category C may go either in ‘professional publications’ or in ‘other research output’. The publications marked D are not counted in U-Map. Please be aware that under the question regarding ‘other research output’ you may also provide other research outputs that ETIS does not take into account.

What is the reference date for academic staff data?
We suggest you use 10 November 2009 as reference date, as this is also the date EHIS holds information on staff data. In principle however, 31 December 2009 would also be possible, if this is representative for the year 2009.
What data did you use for prefilling?
You can find the sources for the Estonian prefilling at the following website:
What is the deadline for submission of the data?
The deadline for the Estonian U-Map project is 16 May 2011.
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