NL specific

What is a region?
We advise to use the NUTS2 region. However, in case an institution makes use of a different definition of 'region' this should be clarified in the Comments box.
What is the study length for a bachelor degree?
Bachelor degrees should also be counted if the bachelor program lasts longer than 3 years. The length of the study program is here not decisive; it is the awarded degree that counts here.
How do the ISCED subject fields relate to national classifications?
For prefilled questionnaires in the Dutch sample, this is based on a conversion of ISAT programme codes to ISCED area codes, using a translation table provided by the Dutch national statistical office.
How to deal with double nationalities?
Staff and / or students with a double nationality are not counted as foreign if one of their nationalities matches that of the country where the institution is located.
How to deal with affiliated university hospitals?
Academic hospitals are part of the university to the extent that they perform activities that may be regarded as education or research. Students trained for medical professions are therefore included, and so are research activities and publications. The treatment of patients in hospitals is to be excluded. Because separating the hospital's revenues and expenditures across instruction, research and health care may be difficult, we realise that in such cases one will have to make an approximation.
How to deal with professional master degrees?
Master degrees awarded by a university of applied sciences (in Dutch: hogeschool) should also be included here.
What data did you use for prefilling?
You can find the sources for the NL prefilling at the following website:
Alternative text can go here.