How to get your U-Map profile?

There are about 3,000 universities, colleges, polytechnics and specialized higher education institutions (HEIs) distributed across national higher education systems in Europe. Given the varying activities carried out by these HEIs, there is a pressing need for greater transparency. U-Map helps making this diversity more transparent, allowing institutions to express both what they do (showing their profile) and how that profile compares to similar institutions. This can inform HEIs’ strategy development, their positioning in the higher education marketplace, and may assist them in benchmarking exercises or in developing inter-institutional cooperation. U-Map also helps (national) higher education policy makers to map the institutional diversity in their HE system and to learn about differences and similarities and within national systems.

The U-Map team is expanding the number of higher education institutions with a U-Map profile. Portugal, Estonia, the Netherlands and Flanders are the higher education systems that are currently mapped. In addition to this national approach we invite individual higher education institutions to participate in the U-Map project. If your institution is interested please let us know by using the expression of interest form. The general procedure used in generating a U-Map profile is specified in the U-Map protocol.

For additional information you may contact the U-Map team: We’ll contact you to discuss the terms of reference for participation

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