U-Map protocol

U-Map Protocol



U-Map accepts all higher education institutions provided that they offer at least one degree programme that has been accredited by the relevant national agency.


The official contact person for the higher education institution will receive a username (which is the same as the email address of the contact) and a password.


With this access information the questionnaire can be accessed. The contact may distribute the access information to other persons in the higher education institution who may contribute to the completion of the questionnaire. Changes to the data may be saved at any time.


If the data pre-filled by the U-Map team are not correct, these data may be changed. If pre-filled data are changed, a short explanation in the comment box at the bottom of the page is required.


Once all questions are answered (all items on the starting page are checked) the data may be submitted to the U-Map team. Submitting the data implies that the higher education institution has certified the information as being accurate. To verify that the official contact person has submitted the data, that person receives a verification code that is needed for completion of the data submission.


The data submitted will be analysed by the U-Map team. Outliers, unexpected results and inconsistencies will be reported back to and discussed with the contact person. If these discussions result in the need for adjustment of the data, the adjusted data can be resubmitted.


Once the submitted data are approved, the contact person will receive a message with a link to the U-Map activity profile of the higher education institution. The contact person has to confirm that the profile has been inspected and that there is no objection to publication.


Once the U-Map team has received this confirmation, the profile will be published on the U-Map website.


The U-Map team will use the information provided only for classifying the higher education institutions. The U-Map team will not provide the information to third parties or use it for different purposes, unless the higher education institution has given its explicit written permission for this.

About the questionnaire


General information on how to answer the questions is provided at the top of each page and specific information is presented in pop-up windows that appear when rolling over the question mark.


The questionnaire comprises a number of consistency checks:


Time period check: the data provided will used to calculate the scores on indicators. Data used for calculating one indicator should refer to the same time period.


Check on sums: some questions are breakdowns of totals specified elsewhere in the questionnaire. If the breakdowns do not add up to 100% or to the total specified elsewhere, an inconsistency warning is issued.


If the on-line help does not answer all questions, the contact person may call the U-Map helpdesk for clarification and guidance (++) 31 53 4893528, check the glossary (www.u-map.eu/Glossary.pdf) or use the FAQ section (www.u-map.eu/faq)

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