8 Dec 2010 - U-Map 4 project launch: Implementing the U-Map classification

U-Map 4 project launch: Implementing the U-Map classification

On the first of November 2010, the U-Map 4 project started. As the title indicates, this is the fourth U-Map project. The work carried out in the three previous projects to design a European classification of higher education institutions has produced a set of tools that can be used to enhance the transparency of the European higher education area (EHEA). The U-Map classification has been presented to international audiences and its tools are seen as an innovative and intelligent way to characterise higher education institutions. To create this impact, the U-Map classification needs to cover a substantial proportion of European higher education institutions.

The new project is geared towards increasing this coverage in a sustainable way, to allow the full functional display of the instrument, and to raising awareness of the U-Map classification. The project will result in a classification of European higher education institutions with a substantial number of identifiable higher education institutions included. The project will also result in a set of elaborate and empirically tested procedures and protocols that will be crucial for creating a reliable and sustainable classification instrument. The project will furthermore continue to work on creating an organisational basis for the U-Map classification as outlined in the report of the third project.

The U-Map 4 project is funded with the support of the European Commission through the Lifelong Learning Programme.

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