Definitions and datasource prefilling Portugal

Portuguese U-Map data for prefilling 2009 – definitions

Some of the questions in the institutional questionnaire in Portugal have already been answered ‘pre-filled’ by us, using data provided to us by the Portuguese Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education. This data originates from national Portugese database MCTES. Below you will find the definitions used as well as the source used.

General Information

City of institution – city that is stated in legal address.

Country of institution – country that is stated in legal address.


Total number of students enrolled – number of tertiary students who were enrolled in tertiary programs on 31 December 2009. The number of students includes those enrolled in all courses at higher education institutions as long as they last two or more semesters, 60 ECTS, 300 contact hours and be subjected to evaluation. The exceptions are those students that are just preparing a dissertation, a project or an internship at the end of a master degree. The enrolled student is the one that is enrolled in an academic year or in more than one discipline of a course that leads to a degree. Source: MCTES

Number of doctoral students - number of doctoral students who were enrolled in doctoral programs on 31 December 2009. Doctoral student is at a university, conducting a cycle of studies that leads to the degree of doctor, after registering its study plan and the subject of the thesis. Source: MCTES

Degree seeking students with a foreign nationality - students whose citizenship is not Portuguese. This the same coverage as students enrolled (see above) Source: MCTES.


Number of academic staff (headcount) - academic staff follows the definition in REBIDES: a) Anyone that lectures at higher education institution; b) The members of pedagogic and scientific councils of the institution (except students); c) Coordinators or other members responsible for teaching disciplines; and d) All that are members of the higher education institution, but that may not be lecturing in a given academic year. Source: MCTES

Number of academic staff with foreign nationality (headcount) – This is the same coverage as academic staff in headcount (see above). Source: MCTES.



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